April 30, 2014 - August 6, 2014

Y.Dot is a sixteen-week learning program and paid internship designed to support students 14 to 17 years old in the development of their leadership capacities and professional and academic skills. Y.Dot trains students to design and lead tours of No Longer Empty´s exhibition based on one subject that is related to their own lives. We are proud to introduce the 2014 Y.Dots:

Aumit Leon- Manhattan Hunter of Science, Bronx resident

Amber Smalls- Science Skills Center HS, Harlem resident

Eleny Ynoa- Manhattan Hunter of Science, Harlem resident

Jocelyn Velez- Community Health Academy of the Heights, Harlem resident

Melanie Perguero- Chelsea Technical Education, Harlem resident

Susan Jean-Baptiste- High School of the Arts/ Boerum Hill, Brooklyn resident

Y.Dot tours begin July 26. Check online schedule for details. They are free and open to the public.

Y. Dot is supported by The Pinkerton Foundation.