Hold These Truths

November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018

Y.Dot Youth Docent Program

The Y.Dot Youth Docent Program is a 16 to 20 week apprenticeship program that trains and pays local high school students (ages 14 to 18) in all elements of exhibition curating, installation and management. Arts mentoring, youth leadership, and real life work experience are the pillars of this program, which runs in parallel with the development of NLE exhibitions and includes multi-disciplinary study of art, exhibition-making, social design and urban planning.  During their time in the program, students learn creative writing, public art history, oratory skills and media literacy through working closely with curators, artists, and community leaders. Once the exhibition has opened, each Y.Dot leads tours for both their peers and the general public.  Through learning the art of public speaking, teens become community ambassadors as they craft their own community conversations and enourage dialogue around social issues through art. For many students, participation in the Y.Dot program represents their first in-depth interaction with art and first professional experience. 

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