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May 13 - September 17, 2015 / The Nathan Cummings Foundation

Teresa Diehl: Breathing Waters

August 26 - October 25, 2015 / Seaport Culture District

NLE Curatorial Lab Launches Friday Feb 22nd

Friday, February 08 2013

Greenwich Village

Where now the tide of traffic beats / There was a maze of crooked streets; the noisy waves of enterprise / Swift-hurrying to their destinies / Swept past this island paradise: / Here life went to a gentler place / And dreams and dreamers found a place.  -Floyd Dell


February 12, 2013: No Longer Empty's new NLE Curatorial Lab program is pleased to announce an upcoming contemporary art exhibition at 24 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village. Selected artists fill this formerly-vacant storefront with site-specific works that explore the street and neighborhood's unique history of commerce and culture, and envision 8th Street's rebirth as a mixed-use destination corridor, engaging the community in critical dialogue around its future.


The artists in Gathering Place respond to residents' expressed desire for new spaces on West 8th Street and in the surrounding neighborhood that provide not only interesting dining and shopping experiences, but also communal and cultural experiences that call out to the area's history.


Artworks include installations in different media that resurrect specific aspects of the area's past or even incorporate found materials from the neighborhood. Participatory art projects will gather visitors' observations and opinions about this site and its ideal future development. Collected responses will be shared through the exhibition's run.


The NLE LAB will present ongoing artist-led workshops and public programs to further engage the community around the exhibition theme. Community ideas and responses are welcomed.  


ARTISTS FEATURED Richard Alvarez / Luisa Caldwell / Rebecca Hackemann / Gwyneth Leech / Jennifer Maravillas / Simonetta Moro / Eleanor Ray / Ira Sachs / Micki Watanabe Spiller / Seldon Yuan


CURATED BY Katherine Gressel and Jessica Wallen

Katherine Gressel is a New York-based artist, curator and writer focused on site-specific art. She received her BA in art from Yale and MA in arts administration from Columbia University. She has worked as project director and curator for the FIGMENT Sculpture Garden on Governors Island and her original annual exhibition series, Brooklyn Utopias, engaging local social and environmental issues. She currently serves as Programs Manager at Smack Mellon gallery.


Jessica Wallen is a New York-based arts facilitator, curator, and writer. Before moving to the East Coast to study at New York University in 2010, she produced exhibitions in San Francisco and Berlin while devoting her time to advisory board duties for non-profit alternative art spaces. She currently works as a consultant for MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design.



This exhibition marks the launch of NLE Curatorial Lab (NLE Lab),  a new program in which emerging curators hone and expand their skills and knowledge on site-specific and community-based art through tools and networks provided by No Longer Empty (NLE).  The participating curators are led through site and artist research, community outreach, and planning cultural and educational programming, all of which culminates in a site specific art exhibition.


This program is part of NLE´s educational initiatives, which focus on experiential learning.  From the Y.Dot Youth Docent program, to internships, school tours and workshops, NLE provides hands-on training and opportunities for participants to immerse themselves in the life of an art exhibition and its curatorial processes. 



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