If You Build It

Opening June in Sugar Hill, Harlem! No Longer Empty has been working closely with community partners, artists, and schools to collaboratively stage a site-specific exhibition in this rich, tight-knit neighborhood.


Our Public Art Mission

No Longer Empty's mission is to widen and deepen the public engagement with contemporary art, to promote the work of experimental and socially-conscious artists, and to build resilience in communities through art. We do so by presenting professionally curated, site specific, public art exhibitions in the heart of communities.

With each exhibition, it is No Longer Empty's goals to positively impact communities by creating a welcoming, accessible, and pulsating cultural/educational hub where a community of artists, educators, scholars and the public come together to create and experience art, free of market imperative and institutional constraints.
No Longer Empty draws together the vitality of the contemporary art world and the values of building community.



Our Methodology

This interim-use model, that posits itself on making something out of nothing, provides a fresh perspective on creating, presenting and experiencing art.

No Longer Empty works with internationally recognized curators to feature established artists alongside emerging artists.  The synthesis of community interviews and site research drives the curatorial theme and revives the history of buildings. The curatorial premise and the physical realities of the site provide artists with an alternative to today’ s art world status quo allowing them to expand their practice through site commissioned work.

No Longer Empty presents art in environments that are free and accessible to all.  Our collaborative cultural and educational programming strengthen community links and bolster a vibrant cultural landscape.  Harnessing the opportunity of interim use, we act as a catalyst and a model for building resilience and economic opportunity for all members of the community.

At the heart of the experience is community engagement and benefit. Our presence in each neighborhood is focused on encouraging local participation and attracting new visitors to the neighborhood.  We nourish and build relationships with the people that come to our exhibitions, the community around our activities and the artist community we form around us.  

Our vision is to offer a public service that involves, includes and inspires.