NLE Curatorial Lab: The Way Out Is Through

January 10 - January 31, 2015 Thursday - Saturday, 1-7PM

We are committed to providing a meaningful, well rounded and hands-on internship or volunteer experience. Ideal candidate should be personable, self-starters, resourceful, and organized in their specific talent. Taking self-initiative is necessary for working in a creative working environment. All backgrounds are welcomed. Interest in contemporary art, public art and community development is a plus.

We have volunteers that are able to commit to different degrees whether it be one time help, ongoing intermittent help or full time but short period of engagement. 

Areas to apply for include Arts Administration & Development, Communications & Social Media, Community Outreach & Programming, Photography and Urban Initiatives.


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  • Juliette Chen

    Juliette Chen

    Julie is currently a sophomore at Columbia University, where she is studying Economics and Visual Arts. At No Longer Empty, she works with the Executive Director and Development Associate in facilitating financial growth and ensuring the continuation of NLE’s programs. Julie's initial interest in nonprofit development began this past summer, when she worked as a design intern for a social enterprise in Uganda called Musana Jewelry. This incredible experience was a perfect intersection of her passion for art, enthusiasm for business, and emerging involvement in development work, all of which she hopes to continue pursuing through her work with No Longer Empty.

  • Oluremi Onabanjo

    Oluremi Onabanjo

    Currently a junior at Columbia University, Oluremi is pursuing an interdisciplinary major in History and Art History in African Studies with a concentration in Political Science. At No Longer Empty she works with the Chief Curator, assisting with research and exhibition planning. With her interest in the intersection of contemporary arts and community building, Oluremi is especially passionate about the use of the arts as a tool for education and empowerment. She is extremely excited to be a part of a thriving organization that plays an integral role in facilitating such processes.

  • Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle

    Emilia is a senior at Columbia University studying English and Art History. She focuses on contemporary art, with a particular interest in work that is socially and politically engaged. She is especially passionate about public projects that engage with their surrounding communities, and believes in using the arts as a tool for education and change. At No Longer Empty, Emilia works with various departments to support the innovative exhibitions and projects that work towards such goals.


  • Rockyatu Otoo
  • Shireen Abrishamian
  • Fahmina Ahmed
  • Eva Andersson
  • Ashley Barlett
  • Caroline Bauer
  • Ionit Behar
  • Thomas Bell
  • Julie Bell
  • James Biehl
  • Malina Boyreko
  • Ace Brown
  • Isabella Bruno
  • Ali Burnstein
  • Laura Burnstein
  • Kate Davis Caldwell
  • Charlotte Caldwell
  • Kelsey Cartwright
  • Mariya Chekmarova
  • Karen Chen
  • Olivia Chen
  • Kat Cohn
  • Julie Congo
  • Ellie Deneroff
  • Christina Deroos
  • Don Edler
  • Maria Escudero
  • Maria Estevez
  • Kristin Fisher
  • Kait Gaiss
  • Antia Cea Garca
  • Lou Gerber
  • Lauryn Gerstle
  • Michael Glatzer
  • Charles Goodman
  • Lisa Greco
  • Caroline Haas
  • Fatima Haney
  • Anna Harsanyi
  • Andrea Hill
  • Fiona Holden
  • Nunu Hong
  • Christina Justiz
  • Kara Kohn-Gardner
  • Burcu Koken
  • Anke Kristoff
  • Elaine Kuoch
  • Eliza Laytner
  • Madeleine LeMieux
  • Selina Lee
  • Anke Lemmens
  • Ella Levitt
  • Dylan Lustrin
  • Julie Maskop
  • Christine Meng
  • Elizabeth Metts
  • Christina Milan
  • Claire Mitchell
  • Jay Moorthy
  • Joe Moyer
  • Natalie Nielsen
  • Paola Omboni
  • Rhiannon Platt
  • Michael Polubiec
  • Alison Preece
  • Brian Rezpka
  • Joanna Roberts
  • Valentina Roitman
  • Ivan Saragusti
  • Lenny Schnier
  • Laura Schoch
  • Elizabeth Serlenga
  • Jill Shomer
  • Emily Sloss
  • Deon Soogrim
  • Tracy Stuber
  • Esmar Sullivan
  • Kit Taylor
  • Eva Ting
  • Dana Vaughn
  • Cece Vayda
  • Ai Vuong
  • Maya Wahlen-Kipp
  • Sara Weiniger
  • Nick Wogatzke
  • Dalia Wolfson
  • Elizabeth Wu
  • Joanna Wu
  • Chloe Wyma
  • Jeanie Yeo
  • Homa Zaryouni
  • Billy Zhao
  • Limor Zisbrod
  • Annie de Mayo