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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018


Conversation: What is the function of art in the public domain?

Sunday, August 07 2011 - Sunday, August 21 2011



What is the function of art in public spaces and how does it connect to or actively serve people?


Often the term Public Art is used interchangeably with Art in Public Spaces – parks, intersections, squares and the like.  What is the function of art in these spaces and how does it connect to or serve the Public?   Are the commissioners of such art fulfilling a public mandate or need?


Whose or which “Public Interest” is served by Urs Fischer’s, Giant Bear Lamp outside the Seagrams building on Park Ave, in New York, a version of which will be auctioned by Christies?  Ai Wei Wei’s, Animal’s of the Zodiac was opened with statements from the art world’s luminaries but where is the programming to further their meaning and significance to the public they serve?


Such questions are motivated by No Longer Empty’s deeply felt need and quest to bring art, and the life expansion art can give, to a wider public.  This conversation aims to create a discussion and generate ideas as to how we can best reach and serve the many publics that are so often abstractions in the practice of Public Art? 


Read the thoughtful responses from artists, curators, directors, urbanists, civic leaders and others on the Glasshouse conversation website. 

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