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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018


Discussion: Framing Art in the 21st Century

Sunday, March 07 2010

As the publishing and music industries are struggling with the question of distribution as discs move to downloads and magazines and books morph into .coms and tablets,  how might these alternate forms impinge on the viewing and consumption of art?  

Taking this in tandem with the changed economic landscape, how do we envision that art will be disseminated/sold/ exhibited in the coming decades? How will arts organization be challenged to find alternative, less conventional ways to show art to reach new publics? 


Join Lindsay Pollock, a journalist specializing in the art market, as she moderates a panel discussion feautring

Holly Block, Director of the Bronx Museum of Art

Dan Cameron, Founder of Prospect 1

Amy Cappellazzo, International Co-Head of Postwar and Contemporary Art, Christie’s

Manon Slome, Founder of No Longer Empty

Nato Thompson, Chief Curator at Creative Time

Sara Reisman, Director for Percent for Art


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