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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018


Music by Azita and Animal Hospital

Friday, February 05 2010

Azita Youssefi first made a name for herself on a national scale as the bassist for Chicago’s neo-no wave trio Scissor Girls. After their break-up, she formed the excellent Bride of No No, who released one album before splitting up. Their self-titled posthumous follow-up was released this year by Atavistic with far too little fanfare. Azita moved on by releasing Enantiodromia, a solo album of piano-based tunes which found her much closer to the singer-songwriter tradition than that of New York’s no wave pioneers or the Chicago avant-rock scene. What remained constant, however, is Azita’s distinctive and commanding vocal stylings.

There's a lot of creative potential to be found in the deceptively simple act of repetition. Under the moniker of Animal Hospital, Kevin Micka explores this with little more than an arsenal of effects pedals and other assorted guitar gear. Micka's method in adding layers of loops on top of one another until a song emerges resembles in concept a Facebook-era Frippertronics. But the songs that Animal Hospital crafts are hospitable enough so as not to require a deep technical knowledge of their experimental underpinnings. Micka's sonic surges, usually summed up under that broad umbrella term of post-rock, range from thunderous, crushing, doom-drenched blasts to spacey, twinkling soundscapes to light, mathy riffs running in rings of recurrence. Whatever atmosphere they reflect, Animal Hospital's songs are always evocative.


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