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Music "New Interfaces for Musical Expression"

Thursday, February 11 2010

Performers played a series of newly designed electronic instruments that aim to keep the “live” in the live performance of digital music.

Computer music is usually played with a keyboard and mouse. Laptop musicians often sit at a desk and give performances that are little more than watching someone engage in “office gestures.” The idea behind NIME is to go beyond the mouse and keyboard, beyond even piano keyboards and drum pads, and develop performance systems that make the most out of the new opportunities that digital music offers.

NIME is an end-of-semester performance by 16 graduate student artists from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU. It will be presented by the instructors Greg Shakar and Hans-Christoph Steiner.

Featured Performers

Drew Burrows, Karla Calderon, Jayoung Chung, Lara Grant, Ted Hayes, Lee-Sean Huang, Ari Joseph, Michelle Mayer, Ariel Nevarez, Winslow Porter, Anthony Ptak, Paul Rothman, Jason Safir, Milena Selkirk, and Carolina Vallejo.


For more information http://www.nime.org/

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