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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018


No Longer Bored "A Day in the Galleries"

Saturday, March 06 2010

In an effort to infuse children with an excitement for art exhibitions and to broaden their concept of what is contemporary art and how is it exhibited, No Longer Empty will offer tours of different art galleries in New York City. Tours will be interactive and will focus on discussing how art is presented, installed and ultimately what are the new  creative currents in the art world.

Activities are tailored to meet the interests and ages of each group (Group I ages 6-9 and Group II ages 10-14). Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult.  

Chelsea Day: A Day at the Galleries 

12-2pm starting at The Chelsea Arts building (526 West 26th Street). 

The group will visit two galleries and an artist’s studio to understand the artworks’ themes and aesthetics in context of the exhibition with one or two pieces studied in depth (according to the ages of the group).  Afterwards, the group will visit a nearby artist’s studio for a perspective of how and where work is created. The group will end at the meeting place at 2pm.  

Workshop lead by Christina Milan and Jodie Dinapoli.  

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