Hold These Truths

November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018


Performance "Transcription, Infusion and Memory" by artist Maria Jose Arjona

Thursday, May 05 2011 - Sunday, June 12 2011

Performance artist, Maria Jose Arjona, has been collecting stories from individuals all over the world for the last year. Refusing technology, Arjona has memorized these stories, many of them very personal, and lent her body to be a living archive. Visitors to the About Face exhibition are invited to hear the stories recounted through Arjona's private whispering to only one individual at a time. The visitor, now infused with the narrative, will in turn become an archive of the story he or she has heard, another vessel of memory. As the exhibition reaches its end, the public who has participated in the performance will be invited to come back and share the stories they have heard.

The performance will Wednesday-Sunday, 2pm to 7pm.

No photography or documentation of the performance will be allowed at any time.

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