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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018


Performance "Uryonstelaii" by Pablo Helguerra

Sunday, October 03 2010

In 1660, a mysterious sect of Dutch mystics arrived to an island in the New World with the objective to create a new society. Their governing principle revolved around the uninterrupted performance of a single dramatic work in seven tableaux vivants. Invoking alchemical imagery and hermetic thought, their goal was to arrive to a higher state of being by collectively embodying the symbolic representation of all of human and divine knowledge. Their experiment, which would last a century, would test the human boundaries of time, physical endurance, and the commitment of a society toward an idea.
Pablo Helguera's Urÿonstelaii is a project consisting of two complementary components: a book and a one-time only prologue tour that is delivered by historical reenactors.

About the Artist: Focusing on an array of various topics such as history, ethnography, memory and the absurd, Pablo Helguera’s methods of execution include the lecture, musical performances and written fiction. Helguera is a New York based artist, who works in a broad range of media to meet the needs of his pursued interests.


Pablo Helguera

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