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Teen Talk! about "Transcription, Infusion, Memory"

Wednesday, May 18 2011

High 5 Tix´s Teen Reviewers and Critics Program (TRaC)  participant Dalia Wolfson reported this encounter and interviewed the artist on "The High 5 Review". Here is an excerpt from her article "Maria Jose Arjona tells High 5 HER story".

"Between the canvases and screened art pieces of the exhibit stands a lone figure in a spidery black dress, surrounded by stories wound onto tapes. Maria Jose Arjona, a performance artist, has literally installed herself in the exhibit. As an artist seeking to create performances with universal appeal, Maria Jose has made her work accessible by using the most basic, comprehensible of art forms – the body. In today’s digital age, there are many layers to push through until a point of connection is reached: tangles of circuits, hidden-meaning emoticons, netiquette, “offline” indicators, words that are copied and pasted and rewritten again. Yet Maria Jose represents the initial mode of communication – oral transmission, words in their first form as they emerge from her, telling the story of the human race."

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