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Discussion "Space and Place: Influences on Latin Music in NYC"

Saturday, May 19 2012
4:00 am - 7:00 am

Discovering the rich history of the Bronx beats, we are screening the famous documentary "From Mambo to Hip Hop" (2007). The documentary dances through the history of a borough that nurtured two musical movements: the mambo that evolved into salsa and the hip-hop that arose from the most desperate days of the South Bronx (NYTimes, Sept. 14, 2006). Directed by Henry Chalfant of "Style Wars."

A panel discussion that will delve into questions such as, "How does the loss of music spaces change the role and purpose of a music genre?" Hosted by City Lore, this panel will discuss the development and lingering legacy of Latin Jazz in the South Bronx. Panelists include:  

Berta Jottar, filmmaker, has researched rumbas circles
Felipe Luciano, former Young Lord and broadcast personality
Bobby Sanabria, Grammy-nominated bandleader

Moderated by folklorist Elena Martinez.

Funded by a grant from the New York Council for the Humanities. 

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