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February 9 - April 21, 2018

Opening, Youth

Future Fix: Teens Curate Teens Exhibition Opening & Teen Day

Saturday, May 16 2015
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Come celebrate the opening of Future Fix, an exhibition at the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse curated by teenagers in the Teens Curate Teens program. Celebrate the opening, explore the art-adorned Courthouse and take part in interactive activities, live performances and enjoy food & beverages! 


Can we predict the future by looking at the past? Or by focusing more on the present? Does prediction equal creation? Either way, the future is fixed.

Future Fix is the title given to this exhibition of 25 artworks created by high school students from New York City. Many of them live right here in the Bronx and have been a part of the history of this place. They will also be its future.

The word fix has many different meanings -- it has connections to social justice (“fixing what’s broken in the world!”), injustice (“fixing political races”), awkward situations (“I’m in a real fix”), feelings of euphoria (“I need my fix of adrenaline”), and permanence (“fix the scene in my mind”). This many-sidedness holds true for our future as well -- there are so many directions it could take.

Teen Curate Teens is a curatorial training program created by No Longer Empty and ArtsConnection.  Student curators work closely with the No Longer Empty and ArtsConnection staff to learn and discuss how to curate and produce their own exhibition in the No Longer Empty site-specific model. The student artwork is selected through submissions from ArtConnection’s Student Art Program, a program that partners with high schools in the city. 



Artwork by Kassie Padilla of The DreamYard Project

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