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Immigrants Are Tax Contributors

Saturday, February 16 2013
2:00 am - 4:00 am

As part of How Much Do I Owe You?, Immigrant Movement International (IM International) presents a performative public event that seeks to address the economic contributions made by (im)migrants in the United States.

IM International is an ongoing long-term project that takes the form of a socio-political movement currently headquartered in the neighborhood of Corona, Queens. IM International engages with local immigrant community groups and political organizations in a series of public workshops, events, and actions.

This event will ask all visitors to join in raising awareness of this issue by participating in discussions on the contributions of immigrants to the U.S. economy, and stamping their dollars with Immigrant Movement International's 'Immigrants are Tax Contributors.'

The discussion will be followed by artist Sol Aramendi's Vinyl Social, and family activities. 




Tania Bruguera’s concept for Immigrant Movement International was inspired by the civil unrest in the suburbs of Paris in 2005 led by immigrants. The lack of real political representation for immigrants and the little respect and committed dialogue from politicians with the immigrant community inspired this project to place migrants in a position of power, whereby their political representation could be strengthened through a political party created by immigrants. The commonalities that exist between all migrants, regardless of their individual circumstances and place of origin, as well as the treatment of immigrant issues by politicians are the force behind this project.

In 2010 Tania was approached by Creative Time[1] and the Queens Museum of Art[2] to produce a new public art project; her proposal was Immigrant Movement International.

Immigrant Movement International (IM International) launched in March 2011 in Corona, Queens, New York. Queens is a borough known for its vibrant immigrant population, with more than 45% of the population being foreign born, and with approximately 138 languages spoken[3].

IM International has developed into a project that operates on multiple levels. Due to the constraints of forming a political party within a non-profit organization in the United States, IM International took on the form of a community center, paying respect to the tradition and victories of U.S. civic movements. IM International is an art project implementing the concept of Useful Art, in which artists actively implement the merger of art into society’s urgent social, political, and scientific issues. IM International functions as a think-tank for immigrant issues, working to be part of the fight for the advancement of immigrant rights and advocate for progressive immigration policies. The project is actively working toward challenging the way human migration is perceived, in order to eliminate the social stigma associated with it. These issues are explored through political and artistic actions to pursue the empowerment of migrants to take on issues that most affect them personally, as well as the immigrant community at large.


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When: 2:00-4:00pm Saturday, February 16

Where: 29-27 41st Avenue, Queens

Subway:  Queens Plaza M, E, R

Queensboro Plaza N, Q and 7


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