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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018

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Music: The Sound of Paradise Weekend

Friday, May 18 2012 - Saturday, May 19 2012

Starting Friday, this weekend will resonate spoken word and hip-hop to the original notes of Latin Jazz and its current versions. The topic and its various issues will be explored through many different of mediums: music performance, a screening, and a discussion on the legacy of Latin Jazz.

Friday, May 18 at 7 p.m.: Collaborating with The Temple of HipHop NYC, THEARTOFLYRICS is bringing a night of honoring hip-hop pioneers including Afrika Bambaataa and Grand Wizzard Theodore. On the stage will be the legendary El Da Sensei (founding member of the Newark, NJ’s The Artifacts and prolific solo artist) Craig G (freestyle champion an member of the Juice Crew) headlining, as well as The Temple of HipHop NYC’s DJ Mohagany, Auxilary Arms - L.I.F.E Long and Masai Bey, the Uzual Suspectz, & Narubi Selah as well as SUN ONE, Internal Quest & AWAR to open up the night. DJ FredOnes will be doing a live DJ/Producer collaboration with Silent Someone. On the live canvas will be the artist “cabezudo” Daniel Valle of DecolonizArte. Hosting will be Rhinoceros Funk with DJ FredOnes.

Tickets can be acquired at www.theartoflyrics.com

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