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No Longer Bored Family Day: Amorama

Saturday, February 16 2013
1:00 am - 4:00 am

In the theme of Valentine's day, this Family day presents kids and adults of all ages with hands on activities that relate to exchanging love and caring.  Led by Sol Aramendi, Project Luz and Springmavera, activities will include photography, music and botanical activities. The family day will follow an event by Immigrant Movement International, and will also focus on learning about and appreciating immigrants in our communities. 

Sol Aramendi's 'Vinyl Social'

The Vinyl Social will transform the old bank into a space for social encounters and exchanges and interactions around music.  Visitors can look through records of music brought to the U.S. by immigrants, and then can choose a song to put on the turntable.  The group can listen to music, discuss different cultural traditions in music, and enjoy!

Springmavera's 'Edible Plants' 

Springmavera is a community building project that grows itself around urban gardening initiatives and food preparation.  Today, we will be talking about and planting different seeds that are usually considered 'weeds', but are in fact both edible and beautiful!  Come get your hands dirty and put that green thumb to use. 

Project Luz's 'Amorama Photo Booth'

Project Luz is a nomad photography program that uses photography as a tool of empowerment for immigrants communities.  In this activity, pair up with someone you love and take a fun photo in our love chapel!  Have a memento of the day and have fun dressing up, posing and expressing yourself.

See some examples of photos from past photobooths. 


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When: 1:00-4:00pm Saturday, February 16

Where: 29-27 41st Avenue, Queens

Subway:  Queens Plaza M, E, R

Queensboro Plaza N, Q and 7

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