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February 9 - April 21, 2018


Performance: "The Dictator Game" by artist Pablo Helguera

Thursday, January 31 2013
6:30 am - 7:00 am

This participatory performance is based on the idea of inequity aversion —a term utilized in economics and sociology to refer to the theory that our awareness of inequality amongst each other can lead to feelings of guilt, mutual destruction, or mutual cooperation.

The 10-15 min. intervention will consist of a participatory game show, asking audience members to come onstage and become part of a number of games. 

Taken from experimental economics, "The Dictator Game" puts to test our altruism and cooperation based on our awareness of inequality.  One participant is given an amount of money and is given the option to either share it to the next person or not. Further scenarios give more power to the second participant, making the exchange relationship more complex as the game progresses. In the Creative Time version of the event, the game was interspersed with Protest Music songs. 

Join us in uncovering the hidden social aspects of exchange. 

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When: 6:30pm Thursday, January 31

Where: 29-27 41st Avenue, Queens

Subway:  Queens Plaza M, E, R

Queensboro Plaza N, Q and 7


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