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February 9 - April 21, 2018


Workshop: Legal Basics for Artists

Thursday, July 16 2015
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Are you wondering how copyright law protects your work? What are the rules for using images that are "out there" in your work? What safeguards do you have in place for your commission, collaboration or consignment agreement? How does the law protect visual artists who consign works to a dealer even without a contract? 

What alternatives (besides going to court) are at your disposal in the case of an infringement, breach of contract or other dispute? What new developments help or harm your rights as an artist?

If you are concerned about protecting your work and rights, please join us for an evening with a panel of art and entertainment lawyers to discuss the basics in copyright, fair use, contracts, consignments, and new developments in art & entertainment law. In addition to answering questions about your legal rights and potential liabilities, you will leave this seminar with practical legal resources for your creative practices. 

Artists of all disciplines are invited. This is not an event to miss!
FREE and open to the public - RSVP by July 9th to ILK@nolongerempty.org

Moderator: Irina Tarsis, Esq. Founder and Director, Center for Art Law, New York City.


  • -Jason Aylesworth, Esq., Sendroff & Baruch, LLP, New York City
  • -Paul Cossu, Esq., ---Cahill Partners, LLP, New York City
  • -Judith B. Prowda, Esq., Senior Faculty, Art Business, Sotheby’s Institute of Art; Law Office of Judith B. Prowda, New York City
  • -Carol J. Steinberg, Esq., Faculty, School of Visual Arts, Law Firm of Carol J.  Steinberg, East Hampton Arts Council

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