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November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018

Wednesday, October 05 2011

Open House New York´s Family Festival Weekend

No Longer Bored program for children launches with Open House New York Weekend (OHNY) October 15th and 16th. Celebrating New York City's built-environment by opening architectural venues to the public, No Longer Bored is hosting "Under Construction". more 


Wednesday, September 07 2011

Pay it Forward: Creative Currency During Economic Uncertainty  

In a recent interview with artist/ filmmaker Susanne Bosh, NLE was asked about the importance of “The Gift Economy” to our curatorial practice and to our idea of sustainable urban practice. I admit I have been familiar with the notion of the gift economy in only a cursory sense, as the ideological underpinning of anarco-socialist movements and radical collectives such as the Freeganism and lifestyle anarchism movements and the Burning Man community in northern Nevada.  more 


Thursday, August 25 2011

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!

A boarding pass, a photographer’s business card, and World War II ration stamps. This may seem like an arbitrarily curated group of objects — and truthfully, it is. Over the past few years, various members of the No Longer Empty team have left these placeholders in our communal copy of Marcia Tucker’s brilliant memoir A Short Life of Trouble. In this travel log of sorts, Tucker recounts her personal life, her forty years in the New York art world, and the intersections of the two. Her tale of ascent through the museum world, from freelance critic to director and founder of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, has enthralled each member of No Longer Empty that it has passed in front of. Tucker’s writing showcases her intellect and wisdom without sounding condescending toward the reader. It's almost as if you're having a conversation with your favorite professor.  more 


Sunday, August 07 2011

A Philip Johnson Glass House Conversation

No Longer Empty has been invited to host a Philip Johnson Glass House Conversations- a weekly online public dialogue moderated by innovative leaders from across the creative disciplines of architecture, art, design, landscape architecture and preservation. As hosts, we excited to ask ourselves, our supporters, our followers and our personal inspirations their view on the following question: What is the function of art in public spaces and how does it connect to or actively serve people? As we see it here at No Longer Empty, the term Public Art is often used interchangeably with Art in Public Spaces – parks, intersections, squares and the like. What is the function of art in these spaces and how does it connect to or serve the Public? Are the commissioners of such art fulfilling a public mandate or need? Whose or which “Public Interest” is served by Urs Fischer’s, Giant Bear Lamp outside the Seagrams building on Park Ave, in New York, a version of which will be auctioned by Christies? Ai Wei Wei’s, Animal’s of the Zodiac was opened with statements from the art world’s luminaries but where is the programming to further their meaning and significance to the public they serve? more 


Tuesday, August 02 2011

Reflections: How can the arts imagine and redefine our city streets, our neighborhoods, and our communities?

This Wednesday, August 3rd, marks the New York debut of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, an immensely anticipated mobile think tank and community space that opens a forum for contemplating issues of contemporary life in today’s cities. Although led by experts in architecture, art, design, education, sustainability, technology, and urbanism, the conversation is ultimately upheld by the public and offers the opportunity to tackle some of the challenges confronting urban life. Through a crowd sourcing approach to gathering ideas for the improvement of “comfort” in the city, it is the hope of the Lab to develop solutions pertaining to personal and collective comforts and the pressing need for environmental and social responsibility.  more