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November 13, 2017 - March 17, 2018

Tuesday, June 28 2011

Empty Again: Thoughts on the deinstallation of "About Face"

No Longer Empty’s most recent exhibition, About Face isolated and made transparent the conventions of art’s exhibition— of the accepted variables of space, curation, artist, audience, and temporality. The process of de-installing About Face —which largely involved boxing DVD players and projectors, recycling heaps of scrap-wood and newspaper — underscored the radical contingency of NLE’s exhibition format. Of the eighteen works on exhibition, only two — stunning abstract assemblages by Jason Gringler — were static, material objects to be packed away and handling with care. more 


Tuesday, April 12 2011

Getting Ready For “About Face”

We decided to kick off the blog with an epistemology of the name itself. What does “About Face” be and why did NLE choose that name? more 


Tuesday, April 05 2011

Nicolas Bourriard "Relational Aesthetics"

Chief Curator, Manon Slome, selects a quote and relates it to the work on public art and the public's experience of art. more 


Wednesday, January 26 2011

"Participating in No Longer Empty: Know Your Neighbors, and Think in Groups"

I thought writers never auditioned. Stereotypically, they are camera-shy. So I was surprised when I saw a flyer calling all screenwriters, actors, cameramen, crew to audition for Marinella Senatore’s film “Variations.” The film, a collaboration with No Longer Empty will screen in their exhibition as part of The New Museum´s “The Festival of Ideas for a New City” in May 2011. more 

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