Hold These Truths

November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018

Southeast Queens Biennial

February 9 - April 21, 2018

Nancy Chunn

Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear: Selected Index (Black), 2016
Giclée print on canvas with acrylic paint
30 x 30 inches
Photo: Casey Dorobek
Courtesy of the artist and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

Fox News, is the main target of Nancy Chunn's Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear, a satirical series that repositions the paranoid bird as a paradigm for the post-9/11 culture of fear that feeds the 24-hour news cycle. In Chunn's remix, the falling acorn is replaced by a television. In the flying sparks, she inserts visual quotations from news, advertising, clip art and cartoons, repeated and repackaged in different colors in an unrelenting regurgitation of sensationalism. The recontextualization of a children's book serves to amplify the infantilization of American culture, where fear-mongering and fake news often dominate conversations.