Hold These Truths

November 13, 2017 - March 14, 2018

Southeast Queens Biennial

February 9 - April 21, 2018

Joe Diebes


Scherzo (2009)

Featuring: Rubin Kodheli, cello

Cinematography: Andrew Federman

DVD video transferred from Color Super 16mm film with sound; 4 minutes


Scherzo is a music film that explores the limits of human virtuosity and the convergence of human and machine. Energetic textural and melodic fragments were recorded by cellist Rubin Kodheli, whose performance was filmed from ten different camera angles. The virtuoso’s desire to achieve machine-like speed and perfection is realized in both exhilarating and disturbing dimensions as his performance is fragmented and recombined into an impossibly extended musical climax.

Courtesy of the Artist.