The Sixth BoroughThe Sixth BoroughThe Sixth Borough

The Sixth Borough

Governors Island 10 South Street, New York, NY


No Longer Empty invited visitors to The Sixth Borough, a series of site-specific art installations curated for the 2010 summer art festival on Governors Island. The theme for NLE’s exhibition on this former military base, evacuated by the Coast Guard in 1996, was developed from the Island’s apparent stasis and its marked contrast to the teeming growth of neighboring Manhattan. With its abandoned genteel homes, library, movie-theater, church, shops and fortifications, Governors Island seems to have managed to keep the enemy of time at bay.

The Sixth Borough explores this paradox and the parallel realities of the mainland and the island, which exist in spatial proximity but in different states of being. Visitors feel this sense of dislocation from the moment they step off of the ferry. Multiple artistic interventions and perspectives including installation, painting, photography, film and performance will move the visitor through the island's structures, exploring notions of memory, residual entities of the past and transitions between worlds.


Manon Slome, Julian Navarro and Regine Basha for Film Series

Collaborators of Programming   

For the children's programming, The Children Museum of Art.  For Pablo's event The Flea Theater and Jorge Pinto Books.

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