Weaving In & OutWeaving In & OutWeaving In & Out

Weaving In & Out

245 East 124th Street, East Harlem, NY 10035


Weaving In & Out presented an exhibition in a new green development in East Harlem called Tapestry.  This exhibition explores the interactions between this particular space and its surrounding physical and cultural contexts. "Weaving" appears in the title as a metaphor for the interconnected artistic actions, and the intertwining of people, projects and ideas here.

Multi-media works participate in a critical dialogue with the space, as well as its relationship to the outside. Olek and Helen Dennis both start from the building’s physical location to draw aesthetic and literal connections. The presence of the community and cultural practices of East Harlem, the human environment, is reflected in the works of Grimanesa Amoros, Carolina Caycedo and Manny Vega.

In Weaving In & Out, artists grapple with the current state of urban environmentalism, and allow for multiple, subjective experiences to coexist. Isidro Blasco in particular presents his personal view on spaces in transition and being in a state of infinite potential. Using radically different materials, Savona Bailey, Richard Gonzalez and Manuel Mansylla's GhostNet sculpture explores the link between plastic marine debris and art, architecture and design.

Other artists respond to the material reality of the space such as Lina Puerta’s botanical indoor plants and Fabienne Lasserre’s organic forms composed of raw wool.


Manon Slome, Jodie Dinapoli, Ella Levitt and Trinidad Fombella from El Museo del Barrio

Collaborators of Programming   

El Museo del Barrio, The Artist Pension Trust, West Harlem Arts Fund, Cave Canem, Remezcla, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Alumni Association& Columbia Affordable Housing Group, Art for Change



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