Internships provide training in areas such as development, communications, education, administration, and research in fields such as public art, urban studies and social histories. Applicants must have exceptional verbal, written and oral communication skills, a proactive work ethic and a desire to work collaboratively with NLE team members and community partners. NLE is committed to providing a meaningful, hands-on internships. At NLE, we endeavor to tailor internships to each participant’s distinct interests.

Internship Programs Include:

  • Development & Communications
  • Education & Public Engagement
  • Curatorial Research & Programming

NLE Internship Requirements:

Demonstrated interest in contemporary art and community programming. Flexible scheduling with the option to work weekends and evenings. Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously. Willing to work collaboratively and independently. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google applications, basic editing and design programs. Previous arts-related experience is preferred but not required. Applicants should hold a BA or higher in a relevant field of study (Art History, Visual Arts, Urban Planning, Education). All backgrounds are welcomed to apply. Bilingual language skills or fluency is a plus for working with diverse communities.


Unpaid position. Minimum commitment of 3 months (2-3 days per week). Intern alumni receive: written referrals and school credit (if applicable).

Volunteer Opportunities:

Aside from college credit, No Longer Empty provides meaningful and collaborative opportunities to assist our curators, artists, team members and community partners in creating exciting exhibitions and meaningful educational programming. Please contact us! No application necessary.

Application submissions are welcomed on a year round basis. Interns are accepted as positions arise. To be considered for traditional fall, spring or summer internship sessions, we strongly encourage applicants to apply before September 1, January 1 and May 1.

Include a resume, brief cover letter, writing sample and 1-3 professional/ educational references.

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Thank you to our past interns & volunteers:

Shireen Abrishamian
Fahmina Ahmed
Rifda Amalia
Eva Andersson
Ashley Barlett
Caroline Bauer
Ionit Behar
Julie Bell
Thomas Bell
Sasecie Bernard
James Biehl
Elspeth Bland-Dear
Jasmine Boothe
Malina Boyreko
Ace Brown
Isabella Bruno
Ali Burnstein
Laura Burnstein
Cornelius Byrd
Charlotte Caldwell
Chelsi Campbell
Kelsey Cartwright
Antia Cea Garca
Mariya Chekmarova
Karen Chen
Olivia Chen
Francesca Clerjeune
Kat Cohn
Julie Congo
Kate Davis Caldwell
Annie de Mayo
Ellie Deneroff
Christina Deroos
Christian Dorbandt
Don Edler
Maria Escudero
Maria Estevez
Kristin Fisher
Madeline Forbes
Kait Gaiss
Lou Gerber
Lauryn Gerstle
Michael Glatzer
Charles Goodman
Oleana Graham
Julia Granillo Tostado
Lisa Greco
Chloe Grey Smith
Emily Gruzdowich
Caroline Haas
Fatima Haney
Anna Harsanyi
Andrea Hill
Fiona Holden
Nunu Hong
Ayana Hosten
Gillian Jakab
Sinaia Jones
Christina Justiz
Kara Kohn-Gardner
Burcu Koken
Anke Kristoff
Elaine Kuoch
Brian Lam
Eliza Laytner
Selina Lee
Madeleine LeMieux

Anke Lemmens
Romaine Leslie
Ella Levitt
Sally Li
Ting-yu Lin
Cori Linville
Rami Lubis
Dylan Lustrin
Sio Man Lam
Joya Mandel-Assael
Julie Maskop
Jenny Mei
Christine Meng
Elizabeth Metts
Christina Milan
Claire Mitchell
Jay Moorthy
Joe Moyer
Natalie Nielsen
Adjoya Nyarko
Branden Oliveira
Paola Omboni
Rockyatu Otoo
Irene Papaefthemiou
Danni Pascuma
Rhiannon Platt
Michael Polubiec
Sophia Prashad
Alison Preece
Rachel Rabbani
Nathalie Ramirez
Siyona Ravi
Teresa Register
Aric Reviere
Brian Rezpka
Cameron Robello
Joanna Roberts
Marika Rodrigues
Valentina Roitman
Ritcheor Romulus
Ivan Saragusti
Lenny Schnier
Laura Schoch
Elizabeth Serlenga
Jill Shomer
Emily Sloss
Deon Soogrim
Tracy Stuber
Esmar Sullivan
Suzanne Tang
Weilin Tang
Kit Taylor
Malia Teske
Eva Ting
Dana Vaughn
Cece Vayda
Vinganani Vestige
Marvens Volcimus
Ai Vuong
Maya Wahlen-Kipp
Sara Weiniger
Nick Wogatzke
Dalia Wolfson
Michael Woods
Elizabeth Wu
Joanna Wu
Chloe Wyma
Jeanie Yeo
Ivy Young
Homa Zaryouni
Billy Zhao
Limor Zisbrod