NLE Lab: Intersecting Imaginaries

Ariel Jackson’s videos serve as a web of studies and reports that her primary character, Confuserella, collects based on her experience navigating the space-net. Confuserella, performed by Jackson, immigrated from the planet Panfrika to live in Plastica, and these short films chronicle her struggles to understand racial politics in an alien environment. Using characters to navigate both conceptual place and actual geopolitical and socioeconomic issues, Jackson’s immersive works create safe alternative spaces to consider real life traumas. 

Home AKA Media Lab, 2015, Including video works:

  • What Are the Blues?, 2015
    Duration: 1:04 minutes
  • Blue Notes: Feelings 01, 2015
    Duration: 0:15 loop
  • The Origin of the Blues, 2015
    Duration: 4:17 minutes
  • B.A.M. aka By Any Means Inc., 2015
    Duration: 4:15 minutes
  • The Confuserella Show (AKA I Need A Shrink), 2012
    Duration: 5:14 minutes
    Installation dimensions variable
    A commissioned work for NLE Lab