Experiments in Joy, 2014
Inkjet on paper
8.5 x 11 inches each
Courtesy of the artist

Chloë Bass co-creates performances, situations, installations, and publications dedicated to a deep questioning of the everyday. Experiments in Joy addresses intimacy as a factor of daily life. The score uses the format of a standard scientific laboratory notebook to choreograph a shared performance between two participants.

Bass describes her work as studying what is already at hand. “My work is not seeking to invent, but to reveal,” she says. “I believe in performance as participation and installation as scrutiny. If I succeed, I will become the world’s most invisible performance artist: always present, but unseen. Without you, my work is nothing.”

The score was originally commissioned by Gabrielle Civil for the project Experiments in Joy at Antioch College in 2014. The score can be downloaded from the artist’s website at www.chloebass.com and/or emailed directly to the artist with the subject “Experiments in Joy.” Please visit the artist’s website for contact details.