If You Build It

Constructed from found objects and donated materials from residents in the Sugar Hill area, the Sugar Hill Tapestry is envisioned as more than an artwork: it aims to be an emblem of the values of community, togetherness, and teamwork. Bringing together the various narratives and perspectives of the neighborhood’s residents, the work acts as a creative support to assist with the development of Sugar Hill’s expressive individuality.

Building on the foundation of the tapestry which Élan has installed in the exhibition, artist-led workshops will encourage the additive nature of a tapestry and its origins as a collective process. These workshops will consist of a story-time component, a family oriented art project and fabric resource collection. The goal is for common interests and coordinated programs to grow into invaluable support systems for families in the neighborhood. In addition to the tapestry project, Élan has organized two workshops with Dr. Sharon M. Cadiz and community yoga guru, Ghylian Bell, that encourage movement, meditation, stress management and yoga.