Hold These Truths

Rodrigo de Triana the First, born Juan Rodrigo Bermejo, while on Christopher Columbus ship “La Pinta”, sighted America. He is reported to have shouted “Tierra a la vista!!” (Land Ho!!). Triana went without reward and credit for this find.

December 18th (day of the immigrants), 2011. 519 years, 68 days. 12 hours, later. 1096.26 miles away.

Starting at the Statue of Liberty and heading to the United Nations, a one person procession took place. By sweeping the streets of New York City with a broom that ends with a pole that holds the self-proclaimed flag of the Immigrants, Rodrigo de Triana el junior, completed the arduous task of cleaning the path from the Statue of Liberty to the United Nations with the intention to raise up on high the flag of the Immigrants with all the Nations of the World and proclaim the State of the Immigrants.

Special thanks: Vince Contarino, Sheril Antonio, Libby Hartle, Smack Mellon.