Flatbushtopia/ A place to be, 2017
Stop-motion animation and hand-painted maquettes, acrylic on foam board
Installation dimensions variable
Duration: 1 minute, 30 seconds
Commissioned by No Longer Empty for ART ZONE CG-91, an art space, community data lab, and exhibition that took place at Kings County Hospital Center in 2017.

For Flatbushtopia, Ezra Wube, a mixed media artist born in Ethiopia and based in East Flatbush, invited high school students and senior citizens to collaboratively map the hospital’s surrounding areas, from which he constructed a spatial imagining of Flatbush, incorporating participants’ wishes for the neighborhood’s future. Through this continual and interactive project, Wube investigates how a neighborhood is acknowledged, imagined, and modified through interpersonal interactions and how a community cares for itself through sharing knowledge and memories. In 2017, Wube participated in ART ZONE CG-95, the first of three projects that No Longer Empty has presented at Kings County Hospital.