Pilot Branch of the F.R.E.E. (Fundred Reserve Even Exchange) Bank of America, L.I.C. A Draw, Deposit, Display Station

This installation is part of the ongoing Operation Paydirt , national, artist-driven, multidisciplinary project with a critical mission: to support prevention and solutions to childhood lead(Pb) poisoning. All studies indicate that lead poisoning leads to poor performance in the schools, learning disabilities, and juvenile delinquency. This project is dedicated to counteracting this invisible environmental factor that currently undermines the health of our society.

Mel Chin initiated Operation Paydirtin New Orleans in 2008 where at least 30% of the inner city childhood population was affected by lead-poisoning before Katrina.

Lead and its toxic effects are prevalent in almost every American city and Operation Paydirthas expanded into a national program. Bringing public awareness and engagement to the problem is the Fundred Dollar Billdrawing project.  To date, over 400,000 Fundred Dollar Billshave been hand drawn.

The F.R.E.E. Bank is organized to hold and protect this sizeable public investment in the project. This concept bank is also entrusted to bring together and deliver the most recent understandings of the problem, from the fields of science, medicine, social sciences and policy makers, to offer the collective information to the public, and to maximize the value of every Fundred . The ultimate goal is to free all cities from the toxic legacy of lead pollution.

YOU can be part of the solution to eliminate the debilitating effects of lead-poisoning. You are invited to draw and donate your unique Fundred Dollar Bill – your interpretation of a US $100 bill, and deposit or display it in this pilot branch of the F.R.E.E. Bank.  Be part of the goal to deliver over three million of these unique artworks to the U.S. Congress along with the solutions to the problem.  There we will seek an even exchange of the creative capital – the Fundreds- for over $300 million in real funding to further the process of making all children and cities safe from lead.