About Face

The Blue Wall Project consists of one evening, outdoor screening on Suffolk Street extended into a site-specific installation in the exhibition. Using a scaffolding wall as Chroma Key, the screening integrates unsuspecting passers-by into a video, containing both historical images of the site and real-time footage of the building.

In the exhibition space, the artist reconfigures this public work as a multimedia sculptural installation. The modular shape of the sculpture evokes the scaffolding. The video is projected onto the rectilinear edifice from outside, presenting a new fiction of the site based on historic memory, its current situation, and future plans involving the space. Distilling the urban performance into a sculptural object, this work investigates our daily interaction with urban fixtures, negotiating the interstices between architecture and object, interior and exterior, and public and private spheres. Barrio reveals that “space” in the city is a kinetic performance, perpetually vacillating between states of construction, demolition, and reconstruction.