James Tunick focuses on the intersection of creativity and technology in public spaces. His works invite audience participation and combines media such as immersive video, sculpture, AI, 3D, gaming, and spatial sound.

About Face

For this exhibition, Tunick has developed a software installation based on social media and internet data. Web Space is an interactive software artwork that imagines the future of the Web as an immersive 3D data space where identity becomes visible in a galaxy of information, photos, and friends. An interactive projection depicts 1000s of user-generated Flicker images, YouTube videos, RSS news feeds, and Twitter posts. Viewer and artwork merge, as audience members can collectively move their bodies to fly through the data. The piece also sees the exhibition as a space where virtual identity and the Web can enter real spaces and addresses issues on how social media is shaping the art world. At issue is not only how viewers receive information, but also how artists share the process of the creation of a work.