If You Build It

Composed of a quarter of a million sugar cubes, Sugar Metropolis is an embodiment of the ‘sweet life’ for which Sugar Hill was famed. This large sculptural project from Irish sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels brings the past into the present by encouraging speculation on ‘an imaginary city of the future’ where art and the collaboration of many hands and visions continues to create and maintain community.

Over the course of the exhibition, visitors are invited to contribute to the building of the work. As Jamison states, “This special project aims to celebrate the power of collaboration in art, unlocking the potential of thousands of minds working together in the realization of an artwork beyond any one person’s singular version. It reflects the true sense of the word ‘community’, with residents united in a shared purpose, dreaming of a positive future which everyone can help create.”
Image courtesy of the artists.

www.brendanjamison.com www.markrevels.com