No Longer Empty in Chelsea Hotel

The drawings, personal ephemera, poetry, sketchbook pages, iconography, and textual languages drawn and painted directly on the wall, all converge in the form of a reflected meditation on my daughters first 22 days of life spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospital.

Twyla Maggie Snowdrop Aloi was born April 1st, 2009 and is now 11 weeks old, blowing our minds, and is thankfully, wonderfully healthy and beautiful. Some of the sketchbook pages and pieces are culled from older collections, but most were created in response to my wife’s 9 month pregnancy journey.

They are about being one with the cosmos, awareness, consciousness, forthcoming fatherhood, babies, the womb, woven threads from childhood to the present, and the fluid power of nurtured creativity itself. Lots of other spontaneous, creative decisions were made in dialogue with the surfaces and spaces themselves, aspiring to FILL ALL SPACES, AND BUILD ALL SPACESHIPS that were made in pink, believed in black.