NLE Lab Gathering Place

BEHOLD (2013)

Proposal for a collaborative public art project aimed at celebrating Great Trees in NYC; Episode 1: The English Elm

  • Place: Washington Square Park
  • Sound: Walter Branchi
  • Lighting: Aaron Copp
  • Image credit: Daniel K. Brown
  • Partners: will be announced
  • Digital print of proposal image: 24 x 36 in.
  • Digital print of Washington Square Park: 11 x 17 in.

Behold is a work dedicated to celebrating New York’s most ancient trees, through light and sound installation and community events organized to highlight a different Great Tree in each borough, beginning with the oldest tree in Washington Square Park. By making this tree the focus of community gatherings, Jones and Ginzel subtly allude to Washington Square Park’s ongoing cultural influence in the Village, and the battle to preserve it in the 1960s led by Jane Jacobs and other community activists.