Weaving In & Out

For Weaving In & Out, Lina Puerta cultivates botanical life indoor, both real plants and plastic ones, as a gesture towards and extension of Tapestry’s green design. When Lina Puerta first visited this space, it was still under construction with only its large raw cement pillars and wall completed. She immediately thought of allowing nature to inhabit the space. Botánico is an installation composed of sculptures in which the natural and artificial harmonically coexist, sprouting from the concrete, softening an humanizing the skeletal structures with life.

Lina Puerta’s work grapples with the human body as a reflection and extension of the natural environment.  In particular, Puerta references bodily cycles, imperfections and fragility as well as the strength, sensuality and sacredness of physical life. Through the blending of botanical and anatomical forms, Puerta calls attention to the interconnectedness of humans and nature beneath the apparent surface.  Nature is always uncovered; it’s nude, and seen as what it is.  This is not the case with humans in contemporary society, who have clothing, cosmetics and other tools to create an artificial reality. The artist explores this artificiality along with the honesty of the natural world.

Courtesy of the Artist.