About Face

Performance artist Maria José Arjona has been collecting stories from individuals all over the world for the last year. Stories have been submitted through email, Skype, letters and in private recorded sessions with the artist.

Refusing technological storage of these stories, Arjona has committed them to memory so that her body has become a living archive in which they reside.

Respecting the privacy and sense of confidentiality created through her various encounters with the story-tellers, her performance will consist of a private whispering to only one individual at a time. The recipient, now infused with the narrative will, in turn, become an archive of the story he or she has heard, another vessel of memory, pain, history and language.

The performance will last for the duration of the exhibition. As the show is reaching the end, the public who have participated in the performance will be invited to come back and share the stories they have heard. If you are interested in participating in this way, please give your name to one of the No Longer Empty staff.

Maria José Arjona