If You Build It

Working under the name Omo Misha (meaning “Misha’s children” in Yoruba) as a reflection of the multiple facets of her creative endeavors, Misha is a talented sculptor, painter, writer and educator. The spirit of collaboration in If You Build It deeply resonated and spurred her to contribute through the curation of an apartment space on the third floor. Entitled HOME, the space features a diverse group of emerging and established visual artists. A multi-disciplinary show, the featured works explore notions of relocation, rebuilding, reinvention, perception, inspiration and memory.
By encouraging her featured artists to harness their visions and analyses through a variety of personal examinations and creative processes, Misha’s work celebrates the hundreds who will soon inhabit the multifaceted structure—each engaging hope and memory to reinvent home. Standing as a tribute to the rich archives and cultural legacy of Sugar Hill, HOME testifies to the omnipresent historical force within urban spaces and each of our lives.
Participating Artists: Caranda Martin, Christopher Trujillo, Danny Simmons, Esé Alexis, Grace Aneiza Ali, Janice Patrignani, John K. Lawson, Kathleen Granados, Laura Gadson, M. Tony Peralta, Negin Sharifzadeh, Tomo Mori-Walker