How Much Do I Owe You

Pascal works on Wall Street and surpasses greed to become a prominent philanthropist. Greed surpasses Pascal because he works on Wall Street.”

Vive le Capital is a deliberation on the complications of our relationships with money travelling through some of the key points in the history of money and arts patronage. The plot pirouettes between the protagonist’s soliloquy in French, and two dancers who respond in various transgressive ways against him. The trio travel to the time of Cosimo De Medici, the famous Italian patron of the arts- and visit the origins of our banking system; they pay homage to the French Revolution and embody John Law, the first Ponzi schemer in history.

The site for the film is 14 WALL STREET — the former Bankers Trust building. Bankers Trust’s fraudulent activity was recorded and used as evidence in a trial that led to its dispersion in 1998. Amongst other sources, fragments of the original court transcripts were incorporated into the film’s text.

Pascal Yen-Pfister, Savina Theodorou, Nicholas Ruiz
Sandra Passirani, Meagan A Woods


  • Editor: Jeremy C. Hansen
  • DP and Camera: Chapin Hall
  • 2nd camera: Hiroshi Hara
  • Location Sound: Timothy Korn
  • Director Assistants: Matt Doers, Shmulik Friedman, Nick McGovern
  • Music Composition: Timothy Korn
  • Costumes: Renana Banit, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Meli Sanfiorenzo, Meagan Woods
  • Body paint: Dana James
  • Voice artist: Regis Zaleman
  • French Translation: Herve Rhinn

Space residency courtesy of LMCC’s SwingSpace program

Special thanks

Gregory Minevich, Jean De Boysson, Matt Doers, Sally Haftel,
Jason T. O’Neal, Bailey Roberts, Brett Van Deusen, Tal Yahas
Film within film
Die Rothschilds
Generous post production support by The Ostrovsky Family Fund and Artis