NLE Lab Gathering Place


  • Reverse Window Shopping (218 West 14th Street) (2010)
    Markers, tape, wax and oil pastels on Duralar
  • Reverse Window Shopping (24 West 8th Street) (2013)
    Markers, tape, wax and oil pastels on Duralar

For these sequential drawings, Moro traced the lines of the architecture and passersby outside while looking through the front window of a storefront, over several different days. This practice also serves as a means of mapping foot traffic and other activity on a block over time. These drawings were created during the 2010 Art in Odd Places festival on West 14th Street, and provide contrast to the tracings of West 8th Street in the front window.

  • Peripatetic Box Compact (2008 – ongoing)
    Cardboard, paper, wood

In its original form, the Peripatetic Box is made to be taken on a walk and be used as an ‘active’ city guide, a tool for observation. In this context, it can be used as a starting point to create visual and verbal responses based on the participants’ memory of the city. Visitors were encouraged to follow the instructions and leave writing and drawings in the deposit box based on their observations and memories of the surrounding neighborhood.