New Earth Ceremony with Tattfoo Tan
Saturday, June 22, 1:00-3:00 PM

In the workshop New Earth Ceremony, Tattfoo Tan guides participants through the meaning of an altar, its objects, and its elements. Participants will collaboratively build an altar based on the design of Kolam, a form of floor painting, with natural and synthetic powders, in Sri Lanka, parts of India, Goa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other Asian countries. Kolam are used for holidays and special events as decoration, to bring prosperity, welcome deities and drive away evil spirits, among other purposes. Participants are asked to bring and share a personal memento that represents them with the group.

Tattfoo Tan is a Staten Island-based artist who collaborates with the public on issues relating to ecology, sustainability, and healthy living. His work is project-based, ephemeral and educational in nature.