Weaving In & Out

Trash Patch uses art to draw the public’s attention to the contamination of the ocean with plastic and other debris through their presentation of untidy, tangled marine nets inside the exhibition. These original trash patches are formed by water and wind flows and were sourced from the USA and Guatemala. Ghost Nets recreates the feeling of floating underneath a ghost net, as experienced from the perspective of marine life. The project also engages the public through a series of participatory events designed to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the impact of single-use plastics on the environment. Trash Patch highlights the link between solid waste management, industry and cities, as a means to link together inter-disciplinary academic fields necessary for urgent environmental change. Ghost Nets is an art installation that is part of a broader initiative known as Trash Patch. Their objective is to “repurpose these nets and its garbage as potential opportunities.” A digital projection of this work will take place at an abandoned Marine Transfer Station in West Harlem in July. Both East and West Harlem are waterfront communities who are directly affected by water pollution, and its impact on our urban green spaces.