The creative team Unlimited, Ltd. employs the comic format in Are You Powered by God?, a reframing of the clean energy debate as a cosmic choice between Heaven (solar and wind power, from the skies above) and Hell (fossil fuels extracted from deep below). The installation adopts the Christian iconography of an altar triptych and a baptismal font filled with miniature graphic comic books to spread the clean energy gospel. The books appropriate the Christian Evangelical “cartoon tracts” printed by Chick Publications, a well-known series of more than 250 gospel tracts (with a circulation of over 800,000,000) that condemn a range of sins, such as homosexuality, masturbation and cannibalism.

Hold These Truths

  • Are You Powered By God?, 2017 (detail)
    Mixed media, basin, triptych and booklets
    Dimensions variable
    Courtesy of Unlimited, Ltd/
    Commissioned by No Longer Empty