Vadis Turner explores the transformative possibilities of feminist materials. Materials created for and produced by women are translated into storied abstract paintings and sculptures. Turner’s production methods assert value on female experiences, especially rites of passage, and question traditional gender roles. Each work fuses archetypal female figures, from literature or cultural traditions with specific atmospheres and landscapes.

The Sixth Borough

By re-imagining handicrafts, rites of passage and ceremonial adornment, Vadis Turner creates contemporary heirlooms that will ultimately comprise her Dowry. As dowries are traditionally exchanged for societal advancement through marriage, Turner’s Dowry items are sold or traded for professional gain.

Best in Show connects thoroughbred derby blankets and prize livestock ribbons to the ‘prize’ bride. The derby blanket and canopic vessels engage the apex of physical beauty, potential and fertility, with the aesthetics of funerary ritual.