When You Cut into the Present the Future Leaks Out

Angel Nevarez (b. Mexico City, Mexico) and Valerie Tevere (b. Chicago, IL. USA) are multidisciplinary artists based in New York whose projects and research investigate contemporary music and sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, dissent, and public fora. Their interests lie in the formation of itinerant, performative, and discursive social spaces with works that move between the spatial simultaneity of performance and enunciation, reflecting upon the political agency of lyrics, audio, and transmission. Parley, a new work produced for the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, uses the musical framework of call and response to form a multilingual dialogue between two voices. The conversation is created through cut-up techniques and sampling of song lyrics from the early days of hip hop. The piece is spoken by B-Girl Rokafella (Ana Garcia) and MC Lady L (Lynn Saunders), both significant innovators in the hip hop scene.