Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle

Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle is a recent graduate of Columbia University, where she studied English and Art History. Within the vast universe of the arts, she is particularly interested in research-based, interdisciplinary work that both honors histories and thinks critically about contemporary society. Emilia approaches visual, literary, and the performing arts as vehicles for community building, and as links between eras, cultures, and traditions. She views these creative forms as critical tools for education and change, and firmly believes that the audience for contemporary art must be diversified – through education, inclusive conversation, and increased accessibility. For the past several months, Emilia has been a curatorial intern at No Longer Empty, and is a curatorial assistant and participant in NLE Lab. She organizes and teaches with Casa Experimental, an after-school experimental art program, in partnership with the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, held at the RBSCC Youth Center in Brooklyn. www.casaexperimental.com