No Longer Empty’s Young Exhibition Makers (Y.Ex) is a three to five month program that trains and pays local high school students (ages 14 to 18) in all elements of exhibition making, from curation and installation to docent tours and management.

No Longer Empty is excited to work in partnership with KAVI and Kings County Hospital to organize this year’s youth program. The 2018 Y.Ex cohort is curating an exhibition of Brooklyn teen artists’ work, to be presented in an unused emergency waiting room at Kings County Hospital.

The Y.Ex show, A Story to be Told, opens June 2, 2018.

Click here for more information about the opening and exhibition programs.

Youth artwork is selected by the participants through submissions from partner organizations, schools, and community-based organizations, and Youth Curators take on a central role in constructing their own vision of a creative space. Y.Ex participants demonstrate well-developed knowledge of exhibition-making through research and production, and making use of a variety of technical, visual, architectural, mathematical and research tools. Exhibitions can take various forms: from an after-school teen lounge to a white cube gallery-style exhibition to a site-specific installation in an old bank’s offices.

Once their exhibition has opened, each Youth Exhibition Maker leads tours for their peers and the general public, becoming community ambassadors as they craft their own conversations and encourage dialogue around social issues through art. As youth docents, participants use visual thinking strategies, site-specific/artist information and personal experiences to interpret the exhibition, developing narratives that guide visitors through their works and themes they have chosen to explore.

Arts mentoring, youth leadership, and real life work experience are the pillars of this program;  students learn creative writing, (public) art history, public speaking/oratory skills and media literacy through working closely with curators, artists, and community leaders. The independent thinkers in the Y.Ex program adopt leadership positions, perform effectively as team members, and creatively problem-solve across disciplines by strategically responding to varying demands of audience, task, context and subject-matter.

Young Exhibition Makers  is a hybridized model of No Longer Empty’s previous youth programs, Y.Dot and Y.Lab.

Y.Ex supporters as of May 3, 2018:


2018 Young Exhibition Makers:
Adrian Jones Gibbs | Benjamin Opoku | Can Chen | Dakaibo Tallerand | Emely Evangelista | Fairya Farah | Jade Villegas | Jamal St Louis | Jeff Adolphe | Jontay Beckles | Kalia Asencio | Maria Jahangir | Marie Massier | Mariel Martinez | Marvens Volcimus | Megan Vega | Nerma La France | Precious Kermon | Ruby Mendez | Sarahfina Cunningham | Tarek Youssef | Wade Roach | Yasminka Radoncic | Yewande Ogunleye